I love getting feedback from my clients and reading about how they've benefited from our time together. Here are a few examples:

“Kristen Clark has helped me a great deal in the past few months, she has created an amazing platform for people to come together and work with one another to find more joy in their lives, understand more about themselves and most important to feel accepted in being who they are. Her wisdom is vast and yet directly focused for the individual she is working with. Kristen is so friendly and welcoming that she makes every session a joy to be in. I would definitely recommend her and have!”

Oluwah Yinka Winzenburg

“Kristen's joy, compassion, love of life, and kindness always comes through in whatever I come to her for: a Reiki session, coaching, hiking, SUP'ing, or just hanging out. She is open, honest and so gracious with her insights and words of encouragement. I always find myself uplifted after having seen her and am truly grateful for her friendship. She is the 'real deal.'”

Kim Halizak

"Kristen is lighthearted and fun, with a loving attitude toward all. Her wisdom is magnificent, insightful, and loving. A session with Kristen can be life-changing and is sure to be beneficial. I loved the experience and I highly recommend it."
Sarah Daniels
“I am eternally grateful for all the advice and wisdom Kristen and her guidance have sent me this year from all our discussions. I can’t imagine how far off my coarse i’d be without her. I’m sure she’s taken years off my healing time and progression.”

Ben Rockwell

"One of the most profound effects of Kristen's techniques is the immediate ability to hear and experience my 6th senses so loudly it can be startling. I didn't realize just how much my "back-stories" were interfering with this. 
I have been an Intuitive, Medium and Animal Communicator for almost 4 years - and this easy adjustment of my vibration and thinking has taken what I love to do up to a level I didn't think was possible. I am completely blown away. 
Thank you, thank you!" Sarah H.
“Kristen messages gave me a rush of chills twice!! Thank you so very much! Super helpful and just what i needed to hear. And I've dropped the fear! Feel free to use anything I said as a testimonial if you like. You're AWESOME!!”

Liz L.

"I can not recommend Kristen enough. Here sessions are like the best life-coaching you can ever receive - but on steroids! Her guidance is amazing, loving, and magical. I always feel completely renewed after each session." 

~ Deanne S.

Kristen's amazing guidance has completely changed my life and the way I view my "illness". For 9 years I have literally been chained to my disease. And after 9 years of shackles, I am truly and finally free! Good God, finally FREE! Thank you, Thank you.
                                             ~ B. Stein
“Kristen always manages to answer not just the questions you know you had but the ones you didn't realise you needed answering! She has this uncanny talent of making you feel like you've known her for years from the first time you meet her, every conversation with her leaves you wanting more”

Tania Moat

“Kristen Clark is a bright light and an amazing person. From the moment you walk into her space you feel more relaxed and you can feel the healing begin. I have only seen her twice and I cannot begin to tell you the changes I see happening in my life and in my heart on a daily basis. Just being around her causes you to raise yourself up to meet her positive vibration. Kristen is one of the most spiritual and gifted souls I have ever met in my life. I cannot wait to see her again and I cannot stop thinking about and telling people about my experiences with her..... Truly life changing!!!”

Love & hugs, Jennifer

"Kristen, I've asked so many questions of you over the past several months and I'm ALWAYS blown away by the insights and wisdom that I get back. You have help me to see things from a different perspective, resulting in the most exquisite relief, sense of hope, and a lightness that wasn't there before. A million thank yous for your mountain of wisdom and your generous heart! You've helped me in more ways than you know."   
Lee Jagger
“Kristen's guidance was SPOT ON. Thank you so much; you nailed my difficulties--change that to challenges--perfectly. You provided me with incredibly useful and insightful intelligence; information I wasn't able to access myself. I loved the insights and now have more information with which to work. Many blessings on you and yours, and love.”



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