Who is this fun-loving, powerful, brilliant, jack-of-all-trades, out-door enthusiast?


Kristen is a Califonia native and finds unlimited joy in helping people uncover their soul's passion and reaching their untapped potential. She is a one-of-a-kind, trail-blazing teacher, trainer, coach, and speaker and loves exploring the bottomless depths of the human condition with her clients.

One of Kristen's greatest joys is helping people to connect and trust in their own internal guidance and wisdom. Eager to teach others how to access this wondrous part of themselves, she holds seminars/webinars and speaking events with titles such as “Limitless”, “Fit, fierce and Finally Kicking ass”, "Allowance - The 21st Century's Answer to Self-Love", "Say YES to Life”, and many more.

Kristen received her bachelors in Kinesiology through California State University Northridge. She has taught and coached fitness, yoga, nutrition and more for 35 years and loves spending her free time outdoors doing a variety of activities such as photography, hiking, backpacking, stand up paddleboard, surfing, and so much more...usually with her dog, Nikki, by her side.

Whether you need assistance in the physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional levels of your Being - Kristen's goal is to support and assist you in being the healthy, magnificent and powerful individual that you innately are.


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